History of Sexism and its Effect on Religion

History affects us all.  Everything our forefathers did made the world what it is today.  However, what most people don’t realize, is that 1 in every 2 people has been seriously harmed by historical forces.  Which half of humanity is this?  The female half.  Why?  Women bear children and are just as human as men.  Why were they discriminated against almost throughout history?

My opinion is that it started near the beginning of agriculture and settling down: the Neolithic Revolution.  People may have started to actually care about “my land, your land”.  Farming would have needed labor, and genetically, men are designed to be stronger than women, making them more valuable on the farms.  Additionally, more children also helped on the farm, but someone had to look after these kids.  Seeing that they were genetically made to take care of children, they were forced to take care of the kids while the men worked, and ruled the communities.

However, early civilizations had other jobs besides farming, allowing women in Sumer to work and be just as powerful as men.  They would be priestesses who counseled the king on the will of the gods. So there may have been a re-birthing of sexism later in history.   I believe that when military generals began to take over the Sumerian city-states from the priests and priestesses, they were macho-man, egotistical soldiers who thought they, and their type of people, were the best.  They would have spread this opinion to their followers, re-initiating the idea of male superiority to females in Sumer.  Of course, ideas spread out through trade and travel, and this likely influenced other cultures to have a negative opinion of women.  I would imagine that this idea would spread like a cancer across the entire world, until women were seen so negatively, that, the Torah, one of the most influential religious texts for huge amounts of time, teaches men “blessed be the God who has not created me a heathen, a slave, or a woman.”  That’s right.  Jewish RELIGIOUS TEXTS considered women equal to a slave or a heathen (probably a huge insult in a very religious community.

While we’re on that topic, I think it would be good to understand just how much of an effect this sexism had on modern life.  A great way to understand his is with religion.  Religion is a cornerstone in many people’s lives.  Despite how much it has helped, it is still a fountain of sexism that affects modern views on women like no other.  This isn’t just Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.  It’s also Buddhism, Hinduism, and just about every major modern religion.  I already mentioned Judaism, so let’s move on to Christianity, the single most practiced religion, and incredibly sexist.  A good place to start is the beginning: Genesis.  When God noticed that Adam was alone, he made many animals to be his companion, such as the cow, horse, camel, pig, and cat to try to comfort him, but he wasn’t satisfied.  So he took one of Adam’s ribs and made woman.  So…what have we learned?  Women were God’s backup plan AFTER the cow, pig, and cat. Also, she is made just like the other animals, subject to Adam.  He named her the same way he had named animals.  Adam was made by god, she was just made to entertain and serve him.  And how could an animal such as a woman argue with the divine will of God?  This is why women can’t be female preachers.  It would be defying the very will of God.
It doesn’t stop there, Hindu scriptures read “a woman must never be independent”, Buddhist texts state that one is reincarnated as a woman because of BAD karma, The Koran tells us that women are “half a man”.  All of this in addition to the Jews and Christians.  This means that about 4.5-5 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY RELIGION TO BE SEXIST.  Wow.

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